Bing Maps for Enterprise

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Bing Maps for Enterprise
Virtual Earth Icon.png
Virtual Earth 6.2 in Windows Vista
Developer(s) Microsoft
Initial release 2005
Stable release 6.2 / Fall 2008
Operating system Windows
Type Virtual globe
License Proprietary

Bing Maps for Enterprise (previously Microsoft Virtual Earth) is a geospatial mapping platform produced by Microsoft. It allows developers to create applications that layer location-relevant data on top of the Bing Maps map imagery. This includes imagery taken from satellite sensors, aerial cameras (including "Bird's Eye" aerial imagery taken at 45 degree angle view to show building façades and entrances) as well as 3D city models and terrain.

The Bing Maps platform also provides a comprehensive point-of-interest database and the capability to search by business, person and address. Microsoft uses the Bing Maps for Enterprise platform to power its Bing Maps product.

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