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EMAIV stands for Environmental Monitoring, Analysis and Interactive Visualization – EMAIV

EMAIV is a web based application for environmental monitoring, web based data analysis, and data visualization. The infrastructure of EMAIV can be divided int:

(1) Monitoring Framework;

(2) Data and database framework;

(3) Analysing and warning framework


UIZ Umwelt und Informationstechnologie Zentrum, Berlin, Germany took initiative to integrate open source codes in order to develop EMAIV.


EMAIV has following objectives: EMAIV is for data analysis, and near-real time reporting, Interactive visualizing of environmental data Automatic alarms, and control features for environmental disaster Sensors integration for monitoring environment User involvement by contributing data input using mobile devices


EMAIV has following advantages: EMAIV is sensitive and reliable for analytical data Low maintenance cost as the application does not need licencing fee Stable with few calibration checks Real time sensor data visualization Web based analytical platform with interactive visualization Less analytical recalibration frequency



1. EMAIV can be customized as per project need. 2. EMAIV can be easily integrated with other WebGIS application and data sets