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FWTools is a set of open source programs for geographical information systems bundled by Frank Warmerdam (initials FW). The graphical GIS toolset is made for Microsoft Windows and Linux platforms, and includes several popular subpackages:

  • OpenEV – A high performance raster/vector desktop data viewer and analysis tool.
  • MapServer – A web mapping package.
  • GDAL/OGR – A library and set of command line utility applications for reading and writing a variety of geospatial raster (GDAL) and vector (OGR) formats.
  • PROJ.4 – A cartographic projections library with command-line utilities.
  • OGDI – A multi-format raster and vector reading technology noteworthy for inclusion of support for various military formats including VPF (i.e., VMAP, VITD), RPF (i.e., CADRG, CIB), and ADRG.
  • Python programming language

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