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     The past six weeks of our Featured Maps are here, in case you missed them on our Home page:

Last Week's Featured Map ...
The Earth at night, a composite of DMSP/OLS ground illumination data on a simulated night-time image of the world. This image is not photographic and many features are brighter than they would appear to a direct observer.
Two Weeks Ago ...
Berghaus Star map projection
Three Weeks Ago ...
Gnomonic projection of Earth centered on the geographic North Pole

Four Weeks Ago ...
Geologic map of California, USGS 1966, Scale 1:2,500,000
Five Weeks Ago ...
Landform map of England by Erwin Raisz (original drawing - 1948)
Six Weeks Ago ...
Africa is enhanced in Equal Area Cylindrical projections at the expense of extreme shape distortion of Europe, Asia, and North America.
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