Jordan Transverse Mercator

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Jordan Transverse Mercator (JTM) is a grid system created by the Royal Jordan Geographic Center (RJGC). This system is based on 6° belts with a Central Meridian of 37° East and a Scale Factor at Origin (mo) = 0.9998. The JTM is based on the International Hayford Ellipsoid 1924. No transformation parameters are presently offered by the government (according to However,Prof. Steven H. Savage of Arizona State University figured out that the JTM has a False Easting of 500 km, a False Northing of –3,000 km, and the three-parameter transformation to WGS84 is: ΔX = –86 meters, ΔY = –98 meters, and ΔZ = –119 meters.

Prof. Savage also offers software, ReprojectME!, which will convert coordinates between JTM and other systems. (See for more information.)