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ArcCatalog is part of the Esri ArcGIS product suite and is installed with all three license levels (ArcView/ArcEditor/ArcInfo) of the ArcGIS Desktop application. It is the preferred application to manage file based GIS data, as well as perform Geodatabase administration tasks. The application provides an integrated and unified view of all the file based data while integrating information that exists in many forms, including but not limited to relational databases, ArcGIS Map Documents, and remote GIS web servers.

Specifically, ArcCatalog allows an ArcGIS user to:

  • Browse and find geographic information
  • Record, view, and manage Metadata
  • Define, export, and import geodatabase data models and datasets
  • Search for and discover GIS data on local networks and the Web
  • Create and manage the schemas of geodatabases
  • Administer ArcSDE geodatabases
  • Administer an ArcGIS server