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ArcExplorer is a freely available lightweight GIS data viewer that lets you perform a variety of basic GIS functions. With ArcExplorer, you can display, query, and retrieve data. It can be used as a stand-alone application with local data sets or as a client for Internet data and map servers.

The ArcExplorer installation can be freely distributed on spatial data CDs so recipients can view data effectively.

With ArcExplorer you can:

  • Freely distribute an application that will allow others to view GIS data
  • Display and query a variety of standard data sources including:
  • Esri shapefiles
  • ArcInfo Coverages
  • Images
  • ArcIMS Services
  • Pan and zoom through multiple layers and identify, locate, and query geographic and attribute data
  • Symbolize your data based on attributes contained in your data layers to create thematic maps
  • Perform basic spatial analysis tasks on the geographic data, such as selecting and buffering features
  • Freely distribute ArcExplorer and your data on media so colleagues can effectively view your data


  • ArcExplorer 9.2 Java Edition
  • ArcExplorer Web
  • ArcExplorer Java Edition for Education - Created to allow educators using Mac OS X to utilize GIS in the classroom.
  • ArcExplorer 2

All Versions can be downloaded at the following ArcExplorer product page

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