ArcGIS for Mobile

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ArcGIS for Mobile
Esri-10GlobeLogo sRGB .png
Developer(s) Esri
Stable release 10.1 / June 2012
Operating system Windows, Android
Type GIS
License Proprietary
Website ArcGIS for Mobile product page

ArcGIS for Mobile is Esri’s contribution to mobile computing which leverages on mobile Geographic Information System (GIS) technology that allows the use of ArcGIS on a wide range of mobile devices that includes smartphones, tablet platforms and rugged devices (both handheld and embedded systems) where field conditions require devices that can withstand exposure to water, can absorb shock, and are drop-tolerant. ArcGIS for Mobile understands organizations’ need for immediate access to up-to-date, real-time information, regardless of location to make accurate, real-time business decisions and collaborate in both field and office environments.

ArcGIS for Mobile helps users [1]::

  • Carry maps to the field
  • Use maps on devices in the office and anywhere
  • Engage with the community using maps
  • Improve efficiency and accuracy of field operations
  • With rapid data collection and seamless data integration
  • Replace paper-based workflows
  • Make timely and informed decisions

ArcGIS for Mobile is offered as a range of mobile field mapping applications that help users make more informed decisions in the field:


ArcPad is mobile field mapping and data collection software with advanced GIS and GPS capabilities for capturing, editing, and displaying geographic information quickly and efficiently. With ArcPad, critical data can be checked in and out of a multiuser or personal geodatabase and shared throughout the organization. ArcPad is part of an enterprise GIS solution and integrates directly with ArcGIS for Desktop and ArcGIS for Server. ArcPad is used to:

  • Increase data accuracy and improve field productivity.
  • Perform reliable field data collection and inspection projects.
  • Share enterprise data for rapid decision making.
  • Integrate external GPS, range finders, and digital cameras.
  • Increase the accuracy and validity of the GIS database.
  • Improve the productivity of field staff.

ArcGIS for Windows Mobile and Windows Tablet

ArcGIS for Windows Mobile is a GIS application for Windows mobile and Windows tablet devices that enables users to collect, edit, and update GIS data in real time and share information with colleagues immediately. ArcGIS for Windows Mobile applications integrate with ArcGIS for Server and ArcGIS for Desktop to provide central management, configuration and deployment of mobile GIS data, maps, tasks, and projects. It includes ready-to-deploy applications and a configurable software development kit (SDK) to create stand-alone mobile applications, embed GIS functionality into existing applications, and build custom tasks and extensions.

ArcGIS for Smartphones and Tablets

ArcGIS applications for smartphones and tablets extend the reach of GIS to a wider audience. These are free applications that users can download from the Apple App Store. Windows Marketplace, and the Android Market. All three apps include a developer-focused SDK that users can leverage to build their own custom applications. With these apps, users can:

  • Leverage the Collector app and ArcGIS app on a variety of devices.
  • Navigate maps, collect and report data, and perform GIS analysis.
  • Access and share enterprise GIS via ArcGIS Online or ArcGIS for Server.


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