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ArcWeb Services was a GIS product offered by Esri to provide Web-oriented spatial data services. ArcWeb Services is a Hosted GIS that provides geographic web services (W3C/SOAP and others) to web browsers and other Internet-enabled technology.

ArcWeb Services addresses the needs of organizations that wish to use geographic data and GIS functionality on a services basis, that is, without necessarily creating an extensive in-house GIS infrastructure. ArcWeb Services is composed of APIs, geographic services accessed through the APIs, and hosted data.

Esri discontinued ArcWeb on June 30, 2009 and has migrated to ArcGIS Online[1] .



Geographic Services


  • Address Finder - provide an address, get a geographic location
  • Map Image - provide a geographic window, get a map
  • Report - provide a location, get a printed report of data at the location (e.g., demographic)
  • Route Finder - provide start and end locations, get a route between them
  • Place Finder - provide a place name, get a location
  • Wireless Location - query a device, get its location

Hosted Data


  • Business Information
  • Demographics
  • Geographic Boundaries & Landmarks
  • Imagery
  • Physical Environment
  • Transportation
  • Weather

ArcWeb Services is typically used by organizations that want to use hosted GIS data. ArcGIS Server, another Esri product, is typically used by organizations that want to distribute their own GIS data.

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