Carnarvon (biogeographic region)

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The IBRA regions, with Carnarvon in red

Carnarvon is an Interim Biogeographic Regionalisation for Australia (IBRA) region in Western Australia.[1][2] This area is also referred to physiographically as the Carnarvon Basin, where it is a physiographic province of the larger West Australian Shield division.

It has two sub regions:-

  • Wooramel sub region - which is a significant part of the Shark Bay, Western Australia World Heritage area [3]
  • Cape Range sub region


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Further reading

  • Thackway, R and I D Cresswell (1995) An interim biogeographic regionalisation for Australia : a framework for setting priorities in the National Reserves System Cooperative Program Version 4.0 Canberra : Australian Nature Conservation Agency, Reserve Systems Unit, 1995. ISBN 0642213712

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