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Developer(s) Data East
Stable release 3.12
Operating system Extension to ArcGIS Desktop:
Microsoft Windows XP/Vista/7/8
Required software: ArcGIS Desktop 9.3/9.3.1/10.x (including the new 10.3)

Desktop Win32 maps:
Microsoft Windows XP/Vista/7/8

CarryMap application for iOS devices:
iOS 6+

CarryMap application for Android devices:
Android 2.3.3+
Type GIS
Website About CarryMap


CarryMap is a solution for creating mobile offline maps from ArcGIS map documents. Working with the output maps does not require internet connection, which can be valuable for a wide range of users – salespersons, field workers, recreation park visitors, etc. Reproduce your ArcGIS map document as a searchable exe-file or a map file for unlimited distribution available for wide range of non GIS users. Output mobile maps can be used on Windows desktop computers, Android, and Apple iOS devices.

CM devices.jpg


With CarryMap you get the professional production tool for making spatially enabled guides, exploration plans, field work maps, recreation and attraction plans for navigation and information support purposes. The output mobile map preserves native ArcGIS map document properties and look. Mobile maps can be used on on Apple iOS and Android mobile phones and tablets, and Windows desktop computers. At that the data collected in the field can be added to your mobile map as pushpins with description. Added pushpins with notes can be exported to Google Earth KML files to share and use in other applications.

Working with the output CarryMap mobile maps does not require neither specific GIS software nor professional GIS skills and experience. The ready map file contains both viewer and data, so you just need to run the file to access the map. Manage the access to the electronic map with passwords and time limits to safely distribute your spatial data. The output mobile map can be sent by email, share through cloud storage, or upload to your web site. The output maps data can be imported back to ArcGIS, if required. Create and share your mobile maps without need to be hosted in ArcGIS Online website or to install any GIS server.

Compressed and protected spatial data, friendly user interface, advanced search capabilities accompanied with GPS positioning – get all of this in just one executable file or map file. Make your mobile maps more usable and interactive with the possibility of adding hyperlinks to attributes to refer to additional information on the web. Add images and photos to identify dialog to better describe and visualize features on your map.

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  • Output map applications can be used on any Windows computers, Windows mobile, Apple iOS or Android devices;
  • Solution preserves the original map layers properties and look;
  • Output map application combines viewer and data in one compact file;
  • Output spatial data is compressed;
  • Maps can be protected with password and/or time limits to guarantee your data integrity and security;
  • User friendly and seamless interface;
  • Add/Import/Export pushpins;
  • Map rotation;
  • GPS support;
  • Hyperlinks support in the identify dialog;
  • Advanced search capabilities;
  • Go to XY coordinates;
  • Smart scaling.


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