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Developer(s) Data East
Stable release 5.1
Operating system Microsoft Windows Microsoft Framework .NET 4.5 and higher/ IIS 7.0 or higher
Type GIS


CoGIS is a web-platform for rapid creation, running, and development of GIS apps. CoGIS screen1.png

With CoGIS you can

  • Create thematic map apps based on specified web services with no coding required
  • Arrange interactive maps in a structured catalog
  • Provide single users and groups with permissions to access and manage maps, services, layers, specific objects, and territories
  • Edit spatial map data via web interface
  • Enrich your interactive map functionality by adding geoprocessing and spatial analysis tools

Check out CoGIS live demo to see how it works

Key Features

  • Editing objects geometry, spatial location, and attributes
  • Automatic establishing and removing of objects relationships after editing
  • Automatic updating of objects geometry and attributes
  • Setting of topology verification rules to automatically correct geometry and/or error notifications
  • Setting email notifications for users about objects changes
  • Importing and exporting data from MS Excel tables
  • Optimizing server loads by flexible setting of access rights and used services
  • Changing map app content language depending on interface language
  • Supporting WMS/WFS
  • Searching objects by address, names, and attributes in specified map layers and within specified spatial extent
  • Using spatial and attribute filters. Performing spatial analysis with geoprocessing services
  • Representing geoprocessing results as temporary or filtered map layers
  • Printing maps of specified extent using custom layout templates

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