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A gore is a segment of a three-dimensional shape fabricated from a two-dimensional material. The term was originally used to describe triangular shapes, but is now extended to any shape that can be used to create the third dimension.


A round parachute constructed from gores of material.
Hot air balloon in flight
  • Spherical globes of the Earth and Celestial sphere were first mass produced by Johannes Schöner using a process of printing map details on 12 paper gores that were cut out then pasted to a sphere. This process is still often used. The gores are conveniently made to each have a width of 30 degrees of longitude matching the principal meridians from the South Pole and North Pole to the Equator.
  • Parachutes and hot air balloons are made from gores of light weight material. The gores are cut from flat material, and stitched together to create various shapes.
  • Corners in round duct-work can be created by welding or fixing gores of metal sheet to form a bend.
celestial globe

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