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The Libre Map Project is an online collection of all digital USGS 1:24K scale topographic maps (as well as various other GIS data) covering the United States, available as a free download.

The Libre Map Project was started by Jared Benedict and around 100 additional individuals contributing money to purchase (or "liberate") a full set of 1:24K scale USGS topographic maps in Digital raster graphic form [1]. The map files were then hosted by to ensure the map data will continue to be freely available to everyone indefinitely [2]. 56,000 maps in Digital raster graphic form were acquired on DVDs for $1600 to make the data available [3]. Additional data made available through the project includes SVG boundary files for every US state, Topologically Integrated Geographic Encoding and Referencing (Tiger)/Line 2003 vector map data, and the USGS GeoNames database [4].

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