Production Line Tool Set (PLTS)

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Production Line Tool Set (PLTS)
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Developer(s) ESRI
Operating system Windows, Solaris, AIX, Tru64 UNIX
Type GIS
License Proprietary
Website PLTS for ArcGIS overview page

Production Line Tool Set (PLTS) is a suite of turnkey software applications developed for highvolume database production, maintenance, quality control, cartographic product generation, and workflow management.

ESRI offers PLTS for ArcGIS in a number of solutions for users in different industries. These solutions allow organizations to turn standard, static products into a multiuse, enterprise-wide database, enabling them to serve various digital and hard-copy cartographic products. In addition, users can create custom solutions by implementing their own business rules.

With Production Line Tool Set (PLTS) you can:

  • Utilize the industry-specific business rules and data models found within each solution.
  • Make edits more efficiently with single-click editing tools.
  • Collect data from digital sources and hard-copy maps.
  • Use a standard map series or design a custom one using wizards.
  • Have multiple map layouts and create map books rapidly.
  • Batch export and print map sheets.
  • Coordinate the data review effort in your enterprise by logging error information easily and accurately.
  • Perform batch validation of a geodatabase.
  • Organize, standardize, and streamline project workflows to provide a consistent user experience and reduce repetitive setup processes.
  • Simplify creation and management of geodatabase versions with standard tools, facilitating multiuser editing.

PLTS requires the use of either an ArcEditor or ArcInfo license.

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