Tom Patterson

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Tom Patterson is an American cartographer. He is most well-know for his work with shaded relief, specifically integrating techniques using DEM's and Adobe Photoshop to create relief maps[1].


Patterson graduated from Oneonta State with a B.A. in geography. In 1982, he earned a M.A. in geography from University of Hawaii at Manoa. For five years, he worked as the Catography Lab Manger at the University of Utah. He is currently employed by the United States National Park Service in Harper's Ferry, West Virginia.[2]


He developed a technique known as Resolution Bumping also know as Patterson's technique. By combining low-resolution and a high-resolution GTOPO30 data, a DEM can be created that minimizes graphical noise without sacrificing the readablity of the downsampled data[3]. He also has done extensive work in creating oblique, 3D landscapes and panoramas.There are a number of techniques and design styles he created.[4]


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