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Developer(s) Caliper Corporation
Stable release 5.0

/ January 2, 2008
Operating system Windows 2000, Windows XP, Windows Vista
Type Mapping Software, GIS,
Website Caliper Mapping Software Home

TransCAD is the name of a geographic information system software product produced by Caliper Corporation for transportation and Public transport applications. In addition to the standard point, line, area, and image layers in a GIS map, TransCAD supports route system layers and has tools for creating, manipulating and displaying routes. TransCAD uses a network data structure to support routing and network optimization models. TransCAD includes trip generation, distribution, mode choice, and traffic assignment models that support transportation planning and travel demand forecasting. TransCAD has a set of dynamic segmentation and linear referencing tools for managing highway, rail, pipeline, and other networks.[1]

==Product history==

TransCAD was first released as a MS-DOS-based transportation GIS package in 1985. TransCAD 3.0, the first Microsoft Windows version, was released on May 28, 1996. TransCAD 5.0, the current version, was released on January 2, 2008.

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