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Well Tracking logo.jpg
Developer(s) Data East
Stable release 6.1
Operating system Microsoft Windows XP/Vista/7/8/10
Platform ArcGIS Desktop 10.x;
Microsoft .NET Framework 3.5
Type GIS
Website welltracking.dataeast.com


WellTracking (developed by Data East) Solution for 3D visualization and effective management of drilling data in ArcGIS.


Versatile WellTracking toolkit automates all tasks related to manage life-cycle of the well allowing to control all stages of the drilling process. It keeps your drilling data organized, updated, and verified. Automation of exploration and survey works is done via 60 spatial data processing and geoprocessing tools grouped based on different tasks they are intended to solve:

  • wellbore site design;
  • monitoring lease boundaries compliance;
  • getting coordinate data to preform drilling;
  • correcting data after drilling;
  • processing telemetric data;
  • calculating coordinates of formation well tops etc.
  • Unified calculation methods, unified data format, and input data verification result in creating complete and accurate well site model which allows to prevent wellbores crossing or breaking lease boundaries.

    Precise coordinate positioning of bottomholes and wells trajectories allows minimizing potential technological and human factor risks while performing drill works. Managing user access to sensitive service information can be done both at the geodatabase and at the extension levels.

    The output survey data is provided in the form of different reports based on the templates made with the Crystal Reports software. The extension uses data in ArcGIS formats, which are personal geodatabase feature classes, SDE database layers and text data in .txt, .lst, .inc, .las and .csv formats.