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Capaware small.jpg
Virtual Emergencies World in Capaware
Developer(s) Instituto Tecnológico de Canarias
University of Las Palmas de Gran Canaria
Stable release rc1 0.1 / 2009-03-27; 14 years ago
Written in C++
Operating system Windows
Language EN, ES
Type GIS
License GPL

Capaware is a 3D general purpose virtual world viewer. This is a free software project and began in 2007. This project has been released for the purpose of promoting the development of free software in the Canary Islands by its government. Capaware allows interaction with 3D virtual terrain with accurate mapping, and is distributed under license GPL. It provides access to information that fits the specifications of the OGC.

It was developed in C++ programming language, thus the smoothness in the movement is realistic. At present works only over Microsoft Windows, although the capacity is planned to be multiplatform. Capaware uses OpenSceneGraph as graphics engine, other free software initiative, achieving extremely high rates of frames per second. Capaware architecture has a plug-ins interface that allows new plug-ins.

This knowledge it is being using by Canary Islands software companies for developing 3D georeferenced applications for specific purposes


At present there is only a half-developed plug-in as an example of the potential of Capaware:

  • "Simulation of Forest Fires" - Adds functionality to simulate the progress of a forest fire. (Currently in development).

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