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INFO is a personal financial database developed by Henco, Inc. that was used in the original ARC/INFO GIS software.

Henco was eventually purchased by Doric Computer Systems International., and is currently owned by Computer Associates. The version of INFO that is shipped with ArcInfo Workstation 9.3 is INFO 9.42, dating from 1986:

Arc: version
Copyright (C) 1982-2008 Environmental Systems Research Institute, Inc.
All rights reserved.
ARC 9.3 (Wed Apr 30 14:02:08 PDT 2008)
Arc: info
28/05/2010  13:10:18
 INFO  9.42  11/11/86  52.74.63*
 Copyright (C) 1994 Doric Computer Systems International Ltd.
 All rights reserved.

INFO, although based on a very simple binary data file structure, supports sophisticated RDBMS functionality and macro capability.