Security Manager for SDE

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Security Manager for SDE
Security Administrator logo.png
Developer(s) Data East
Stable release 2.0
Operating system Microsoft Windows Windows XP/Vista/7 Requisite software:
Oracle or Microsoft SQL Server client;
Microsoft .NET Framework 2.0;
ArcSDE 9.2/9.3/9.3.1/10.0/10.1
Type GIS
Website Security Manager for SDE


Security Manager for SDE is a smart standalone application provided for powerful and easy management of the geodatabase users and roles permissions on tables and feature classes at the DBMS level. It can be installed at any companies working with geodatabases and requiring the smart high-quality tool for managing the geodatabase users and roles permissions.



  • Managing tables and feature classes permissions for users and roles;
  • Managing general privileges for users and roles;
  • Managing user and role membership in other roles.


  • Direct management of users and roles permissions at the DBMS level;
  • No need to use ArcGIS on a client computer, which means saving time on installing and running the ArcGIS applications;
  • Considerable speedup of the user permissions assignment process;
  • User-friendly interface with the user permissions control and users/roles relationship management tools implemented in one application.


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