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TAB Reader
Logo tab reader sm.png
Developer(s) Data East
Stable release 5.0
Operating system Microsoft Windows Vista/7/8/10
Platform ArcGIS Desktop 10.x
Type GIS
Website About TAB Reader


TAB Reader is an ArcGIS Plug-in Data Source allowing direct reading of MapInfo TAB format and MIF/MID files in ArcGIS preserving the existing native TAB rendering, symbology properties and information about coordinate system (spatial reference). At that, with TAB Reader tools you will be able to import TAB symbology to ArcGIS, batch convert TAB symbology from TAB files to ArcGIS layer (.lyr) files, as well as import MapInfo workspaces (.wor) to ArcGIS ArcMap documents (.mxd).


  • Attribute data support
    TAB Reader allows reading and transferring attribute data to ArcGIS.
  • Simple shapes (points, polylines, and polygons) support
    With TAB Reader simple shapes from MapInfo TAB and MIF/MID files can be seamlessly transferred to ArcGIS.
  • Text data support
    TAB Reader supports MapInfo text data, so it can be easily transferred to ArcGIS as well.
  • Coordinate system support
    MapInfo data transferred to ArcGIS with TAB Reader preserve native information about coordinate system (spatial reference).
  • TAB spatial indexes support
    TAB Reader recognizes TAB spatial indexes when working with TAB files in ArcGIS.
  • Native MapInfo TAB rendering properties and symbology support
    Unlike ArcGIS Data Interoperability extension MapInfo TAB and MIF/MID files are converted to ArcGIS formats preserving the existing native TAB rendering and symbology properties.
  • Exporting data from ArcGIS to MapInfo TAB format
    TAB Reader allows exporting data from ArcGIS to MapInfo TAB format.
  • Importing MapInfo workspaces
    TAB Reader allows importing MapInfo workspaces (.wor) to ArcGIS map documents (.mxd).
  • Exporting TAB symbology to .lyr files
    TAB Reader allows converting TAB symbology directly to ArcGIS layer files (.lyr) and processing multiple datasets.
  • Loading TAB symbology
    TAB symbology can be loaded to the converted datasets in ArcGIS formats.

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